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The strange ramblings of a slash addict

20 October 1989
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Well. Time to begin, then.

- First of all - I'm a guy. I'm aware that my style of writing can confuse you (I fangirl with the best of them), but yeah. A dude. Yo.

- I'm a teacher trainee, with English as my major and - hopefully - biology as my minor.

- I'm extremely boring. Really. I wouldn't know fun if it bit me in the ass, took a great chunk out of it and left me to die from the blood loss.

- Slightly pudgy, and a bit shorter than the average length. I'm one of those guys that hate their looks, and with good reason.

- I'm really interested in machinery, but due to me failing my physics class, I can't really go on and study that in the future. Doesn't bother me as much I thought it would, though.

- I like things to know how things work; "why" is a common question when talking to me. Whether it's how the central nervous system works, or what happens when you mix sulphuric acid and water - curiosity may have killed the cat, but I'm still alive.

- I like everything that is even remotely out of this world.

- A big fan of softer colors, mainly royal blue, pink and emerald green.

- Although my anti-bully techniques are mainly verbal, I have a tendency to kick people that really annoy me. Either on the kneecaps or in the groin. Or both. After all, I got two feet. (Can't argue the value of a good punch, but I don't like needless violence)

- When it comes to me wanting to hurt people, the pen is mightier then the sword, mainly because it's lighter and easier to use.

- I dislike 1337 and some net speak (I have a tendency to use some shortenings, but not all the time - don't want to be a hypocrite). There is nothing wrong with using correct grammar. Remember: u does not make you, no matter what those voices in your head tell you.